Victtrix Cosmetology Clinic for your Hair Treatment in Mumbai

Oct 05 2020

Victtrix Cosmetology Clinic and Academy is the best skin specialist and cosmetic dermatologist in Lokhandwala, Mumbai. They offer a wide range of Make Up and Hair Treatment at their clinic. Their services also includes Image Consultation, personality development and Personal Counselling.

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Want a natural rose glow? Ft. Deyga Rose glow kit (review)!

Sep 02 2020

Don’t we all want a rose glow ever since we were born, everybody around us talks about rose glow? When I was a kid I use apply rose petals on my lips and made my own pure rose water from it, as we all heard of its amazing benefits. But As I grew workload grew too and didn’t get the time to prepare these things on my own. So I started using products which claim to be organic but didn’t see any difference. I wanted to switch to my traditional methods but time never permitted. Recently I came to know about this brand “Deyga” from Tamil Nadu.

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Trendiest Lipshades of 2020

May 06 2020

Are you makeup lover ? I am not that fan of makeup as I make a mess every time I try it. :P No worries I am gonna still experiment with my makeup looks. All this while one thing I noticed that a lip shade can make or break your whole look. Sometimes just a bold lip shade brightens the whole look.

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Fear of PCOD: My story

Apr 21 2020

Hey guys, I hope you all are doing great and staying healthy and safe at home. :) Let me get straight what I tend to write here today. You must have already got an idea that it's about PCOD but most importantly it's about my fear. On women's day, I mentioned about my insecurities and one of them was my increasing body weight. I gained around 10 kgs in only a few months. I didn't even realise when and how I got that much fat.

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3 Spring /Summer /Navratri eye looks 2020

Mar 27 2020

Hey guys, I hope you all are in good health. Since we all are struggling with Global pandemic Coronavirus. Just wanted to distract you all with these things and wanted to remind you of good things that we never addressed. So its right time to do so. So all my makeup enthusiasts I got a cute little activity for you all to pass this quarantine.

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Best floral jewellery ideas for every function at your wedding!

Dec 18 2019

No wedding function is complete without floral jewellery these days. Floral jewellery has become quite a trend nowadays. Over the years the variety has grown a lot more, and these can be incorporated in almost every function of the wedding. From tip to toe, everything can be beautified with floral pieces.

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Top Floral hairstyle ideas for BFF's/your wedding!

Dec 17 2019

We all want to make a statement with our look and floral hairdo definitely make that impression and completes the whole look. I have curated a few amazing hairstyle ideas for you to choose from.

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All you need to know when you love wearing flowers in your hair!

Nov 24 2019

Thinking of wearing flowers in your hair but confused what kinda flower you should wear in your hair? Real or fake? Will real flowers last whole wedding.

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Natural Beauty Products Every Girl/Boy Must Have

Oct 28 2018

I have searched a little and found 5 beauty products those are more inclined towards natural/organic products. Hair Care - Hair oil castor and onion :

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Beauty Hacks For Winter

Jan 06 2018

Chilled weather brings lot of problem along with it makes the skin dull and lifeless. We all love bright and glowing skin. To enjoy this winter and make your life easy I have gathered 5  natural beauty hacks for winter .

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